Military Vehicle Preservation Association

Finger Lakes Chapter

Finger Lakes Region of New York State





Military encampment of Dog Co. 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One) at the Geneseo Air Show, July 2013.  From left to right:  Rob Petruzzi, Brain Kendall, Carol Christian, Becky McDonell and Scott Clark.   

Brian Halm’s motor pool jeep at the Geneseo Air Show July 2013.

Nose Art on Brian Halm's jeep at the Geneseo Air Show, July 2013.

Image from the 2013 Geneseo Air Show.

Image from the 2013 Geneseo Air Show.

Image from the 2013 Geneseo Air Show.




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The WWII ambulance of Joe Slavinski, MVPA-GPA, Pottstown, PA.  

Les Hampton's USS Floyd B. Parks Navy jeep.



A Dodge Power Wagon at the 2013 Redball Rally and Swap Meet at Gilbert, PA. 

Looking down the wrong end the 2013 Redball Rally and Swap Meet at Gilbert, PA. 

A M5A1 tank with a .37mm gun at the 2013 Redball Rally and Swap Meet in Gilbert, PA.   Tanks a lot. 

M38A1 Jeep of the Korean War Veterans Association, Redball 2013.   Note the curved front fenders and the left side fuel filler.

A GPA  ...."Take me to the water !"  ..............   Redball 2013. Redball 2013.

Jeep of Major Geoff Milligan.  Nice plate, Geoff !

The "GI Dodge" Dodge Power Wagon of Byron Delavan. 

A Ferret armored car owned by Byron Delavan.  Check out that plate !

A Dingo and Byron Delavan.  I love those license plates ! 

Byron points out the details on his Ferret including the .30 cal. M1919.       

Byron Delavan and his Jeep.


     Dick Senges' 1944 GPW at the Jamboree & Music Show, Phelps, NY, October 20, 2013.  The event raised $5500 for the Cadence Square Project.  


Gib's re-enactor jeep at the Jamboree & Music Show, Phelps, NY, October 20, 2013.  Check out those machine gun mounts and mortar !


Walt Young and Nash Riley (grandson) with Walt's 1947 Willys jeep complete with mess gear at the Jamboree & Music Show, Phelps, NY, October 20, 2013.


Jeeps attending the MVPA-Finger Lakes Chapter "Jeepers Creepers" session on October 20, 2013, at Corning, NY.    Carol Christian stands by Brian Halm's jeep.



The jeeps attending the MVPA-Finger Lakes Chapter "Jeepers Creepers" session on October 20, 2013, in Corning, NY.   Brian Halm explains the fine points of jeep ownership "Just Expect Every Problem" and "Just Empty Every Pocket".         

Six MVPA - Finger Lakes Chapter MVs.  Five Army and one Navy. 


MVPA - FLC Breakfast 2014.   Left to right:  Rick Carine, Matt Kovacic, Bob Brody, Dick Senges and Pat Murphy. 


Michael Giunta's WC 1 Dodge 1941 Truck - a work in progress.

Carol Christian and her 1942 MB at the 2014 Odessa Ostfront.

Bob Brody's 2001 Hummer with installed armored box.

Jerry McDonald's 1952 M38 with Big Bear !

Rick Carine's 1942 GPW. 

Engine of Dick Senges' 1944 Ford GPW jeep as of August 21, 2017.   The engine is painted gray as were the Ford WWII G503 engines compared to olive of the Willys WWII jeeps.  The Ford GPW designation stood for: Government, 80 inch wheelbase and Willys engine design.  GP, of Ford's 1942-1945 GPW designation, did not mean General Purpose as some believe.  

Note the small round brass tag on the oil filler tube (dip stick) unpainted cap wired to a small hole in the cap's ear labeled "OIL SAE  30".   Four short rubber radiator hoses were used as rubber was in short supply during WWII.    The water pump is a WWII water pump without plugs and the BO light is in its correct position near the front of the left fender.   The exhaust manifold has been sandblasted and coated with VHT SP115 Flameproof Satin Clear High Heat (2000 degrees) Header Paint.  The voltage regulator bolts, the head lamp bolts, the air cleaner wing bolts, the oil can, the radiator cap and the oil filler dip stick cap are unpainted.         


The Mule of Bob Kavich.  Bob is a member of the MVPA-ESW and the MVPA-FLC.  Note the MVPA sign on the Mule.  Great job Bob and neat MVPA display !


The image above shows the mounting of a custom made license plate bracket to a period correct two-lug tire carrier on Dick Senges' 1944 Ford GPW jeep.   The custom bracket was made from an old license plate by cutting a 3" x 4" tab in the old plate and bending the tab 180 degrees and bolting the tab to the lugs using the existing lug nuts.  The new plate is bolted onto the front of the old plate using small nuts, bolts and washers. 

The plate looks curved in the image, but it is not.  The wheel is an original combat wheel.  Tire is a 6 ply 6 x 16 repro made by Firestone and sold by Universal  Vintage Tire.   

Dick Senges stands by his 1944 GPW awaiting the start of the Palmyra Canaltown Days Parade on September 13, 2014, Palmyra, NY.      

A M41 A1 Walker Bulldog tank, Auburn, NY, 2014.   Tanks a lot!

Rick Carine's excellent GPW display at the PCD Kiwanis Club Car Show, September 13, 2014, in Pembroke, NY. 

Brian Halm's Willys MB jeep and Chris Gabers' 1940s Staff Car at the Chilson-Wilcox Car Show August 2014, with Rhonda's Rockabilly Pin Up Girls.


A 1942 Ford GPW owned by Kevin Lockwood, President MVPA.


Weasel at Redball 2014.

Invasion GPW, (note the star in the circle) 28th Division, 110th Infantry at Redball 2014.


The lineup at Redball 2014.


Military Police M-151 MUTT with M60 MG at Redball 2014.


A WWII invasion jeep at Redball 2014.


 1944 GMC CCKW at Redball 2014.   


A Unimog at Redball 2014.

M37 owned by Nash Ridley, Waterloo, NY 2014.  

Restored 1944 Converto Trailer of Michael Giunta
Saratoga, NY

1952 deuce and a half owned by Scott Ridley, 2014.  


Nash Ridley's M37, Veterans Day parade,
Waterloo, NY, 2014.

Ken Sciog's Autocar M15 A1............ to be converted to a M3. 

Robert C. Byrnes and his jeep. 

The M1015 (EW) of Bob Brody.  Go Bob !

The MVPA-FLC Black Foamboard Tri-fold Display at the E.S.A.C.A. January 2015 Gun Show at the Dome in Henrietta, NY.     


The MVPA-FLC Black Foamboard Tri-fold Display at the E.S.A.C.A. January 2015 Gun Show at the Dome in Henrietta, NY.

The "Gate Guard" Cat 7 at the NSVA Seabee Memorial at Fisherman's Park, North Tonawanda, NY.

Red Rank Plate with three silver stars (Lieutenant General) made from an original vintage NY State 1944 (a 1942 plate over stamped with 44) license plate similar to General MacArthur's rank plate (4 stars) of WWII.  It is mounted on the front bumper of Dick Senges' 1944 Ford GPW using custom fabricated brackets painted OD similar to General Mark Clark's jeep of WWII.   (Note: Some WWII rank plates were plain red metal plates and some were actual vintage license plates adapted to rank plate use. Stars varied from nickel plated metal to white paint. A canvas rank plate cover slips over the plate when the General is out of the jeep.)           

The Deuce and a Half of Bob Kavich.  Nice MVPA banner.

 MVPA-FLC Breakfast Club at Papa Jack's, Victor, NY, October 2014.  Left to right: Howard Sabin, Dick Senges, Pat Murphy and Bob Brody. 

Carol Christian (1942 Willys MB) and Jerry McDonald (1952 Willys M38), Trail Ride, Fall of 2014.  Keep 'em rolling!

The 1944 CCKW of Ken Sciog at Marine Appreciation Day, Fishermen's Park, North Tonawanda, NY. 


The 1986 M1009 of Tony Messina at Marine Appreciation Day, Fishermen's Park, North Tonawanda, NY.      

New project dozer of Rick Carine-
1942 International Harvester,  Model  T-6,
“little push over”.

1944 Ford GPW at the Honor Flight Breakfast at the Victor Champion Hills Country Club, May 16, 2015. 


1952 deuce and a half of Scott Ridleyat the Geneva, NY, 2015 Memorial Day Parade.

1954 M-37 of Nash Ridley, Geneva, NY, 2015 Memorial Day Parade.


Elmira, NY, Memorial Day Parade, May 25, 2015.  Brian's jeep on the left and Carol's jeep on the right. 

Army Bikes at the Memorial Day Parade, May 25, 2015.

Les Hampton and his Navy jeep, Memorial Day 2015.


WWII Vet who participated in the invasion of Anzio, Italy in 1944.  Image from the FLC Breakfast, Papa Jack's, Victor, NY, April 2015.


MVPA - Finger Lakes Chapter military vehicles and display at the Sampson event, August 1, 2015. 

Project jeep of MVPA-FLC  member John Frater, summer of 2015.


MVs at Italian Fest at Watkins Glen, New York, August 1, 2015.

MVs at Jasper, New York, July 4, 2015.

MVs at the Hospital Fun Day, Corning, New York, June 21, 2015. 

 The restored 1944 GPW of Dick Senges at the Victor Cruise Night, Victor, NY, July 13, 2015.


The line up of MVs at the Canandaigua VA Hospital event, August 14, 2015, being inspected by the Vets.            


Scott Ridley, Nash Ridley, Walt Young, Jerry McDonald (Gabe Cinquegrana in the background right) standing by some of the MVs attending the Canandaigua VA Hospital event, August 14, 2015.

A large five ton military truck at the Victor, NY, 2015 Memorial Day parade.

Nelson Thorpe's M38 jeep at the Canandaigua VA Summer Music Fest, August 14, 2015.

A M38A1 D (Davy Crockett) jeep of Jim Salerno.  This jeep once held the "tactical nuclear recoilless gun", the M28 or M29 from 1961 to 1971. 

MVs at Chilson-Wilcox September 4, 2015.

Jeeps at the August 29, 2015 Wellsburg, NY event.  

Rhonda's Rockabilly Pin Ups and MVs at the September 4, 2015 Chilson-Wilcox event.   

MVs at August 29, 2015 Wellsburg, NY event.  


The one ton 1944 Ben Hur trailer of Michael Giunta, 2015.  Looks great !

Geoff Milligan's newly acquired Ford Script jeep. 


Geoff Milligan explains the features of his newly acquired June 1942 Ford Script  jeep to Bill Sigel and John Frater of the MVPA Finger Lakes Chapter, October 2015.  Note the two gun mounts, Normandy invasion star, prototypical tires and wheels and the radio/antenna.  Geoff plans to start the restoration process the winter of 2016.  


John Frater, in the early stages of restoration, lifts off the tub of his 1945 Ford GPW jeep, fall of 2015.   


Bill Siegel and John Frater erect the tub from John's 1945 Ford GPW onto two Harbor Freight carts. Additional welding and grinding are in the plans.   Then on to working on the dents.


John Frater, Bill Sigel and Doug Ryan ready the components of John's 1945 Ford GPW jeep for the trip to the sandblaster. 


Military vehicles at the Veteran's Day dinner at the Waterloo High School 2015.






Walt Young and his military display at the Veteran's Day dinner at the Waterloo High School 2015.

Walt Young's jeep at the 2015 Veteran's Day celebration at the Geneva Armory,  Geneva, NY.





November 11, 2016



Scott Ridley's Deuce and Half at the 2015 Veteran's Day celebrations at the Geneva Armory, Geneva, NY.


John Frater and Bill Sigel start the engine of John's 1945 Ford GPW jeep.  Once large capacity cables were used between the six volt battery and the starter and all the proper wires hooked up, the engine kicked over and ran.  Thank goodness!

John Frater and Bill Sigel add new brake lines to John's 1945 GPW.  Every thing fit fine once the proper lines were located in their correct positions. 


Image of the front of John Frater's 1945 GPW frame.  Note the new brake lines, new shocks and fresh coat of OD paint.  Next step:  restore the carburetor, generator, flywheel, clutch and tub.

The MVPA-FLC military vehicles line up for the annual Elmira Black Friday Parade, 2015.

Jerry McDonald's 1952 M135 driven by Josh Hand at the Elmira Black Friday Parade, 2015.

Doug Ryon, expert welder, sands a recent weld on old holes on a restored 1944 GPW.  The welding and sanding were part of a project to move the Black Out Light five inches forward to its proper position.  See image below.    

John Frater, VP of the MVPA - Finger Lakes Chapter, and Bill Sigel work on the clutch and brake assemblies on John's 1945 GPW. 

Bill Sigel and John Frater take off the flywheel of John's 1945 GPW.   Looks like some serious cleaning is in store by John on the flywheel and the bell housing.     

Bill Sigel, John Frater and Geoff Milligan inspect the Holley carburetor on John's 1945 GPW.   The carburetor has since been rebuilt and is ready to be installed.

John Frater uses a wire brush to clean the dirt off the steering housing of his 1945 GPW.  The steering box and shaft were then rebuilt and are ready to install.  The 100 weight oil will be added after installation in the jeep. 

Clary Flanges being prepared for installation on a 1944 GPW.  These 1955 manufactured flanges will allow free wheeling, reduce wear in the front end, increase mileage and will look prototypical from the outside of the jeep with the F marked dust covers installed.   Some feel this is superior to milling out the splines in the original flange due to the roller bearings and sleeve bearing added.     

This image shows the proper location of the Black Out Light on a 1944 Ford GPW jeep.   It is set very forward on the left fender per the Jon Rogers Jeep Draw specs and the wire is attached to the fender with a small fastener.   Also note the square dots, not round dots, in the U S A.   The registration number for a July 5, 1944 GPW is correct and also prototypical are the four small bolts for the under-the-hood grease gun bracket.  See the under-the-hood grease gun below.

Gerry McDonald's newly acquired M100 trailer.  Nice restoration and paint job!

Matt Kovacic, Bill Sigel, John Frater and Dick Senges enjoy breakfast and discuss MV projects at
Papa Jack's Grill in Victor, NY January 22, 2016.  Next breakfast February 27, 2016. 

John Frater cleans, primes and paints the engine of his 1945 GPW jeep Ford gray.  The fan, coil, starter, generator, oil filter, air filter, horn, and voltage regulator will be painted black per Jon Rogers Jeep Draw Colors and Finishes recommendation. 

John Frater wire brushes a washer for his 1945 GPW jeep.  The original non-restored windshield is to the right.  Note the broken glass, the missing cowl/windshield rubber seal and the single vs. period correct double with connecting rod windshield wiper. 


M4A3 Sherman Tank at the Texas Military Forces Museum in Austin Texas visited by John Frater in December 2015.  John plans to re-visit the Museum. 


A WWII original Alemite # 6593 under-the-hood grease gun is installed in a 1944 GPW in its proper location.  Note the three major parts:  the grease gun, the bracket and the two reinforcing plates.  Also note the Willys sign on the wall.  What are the two errors in this sign?


Two WWII style 2-post headlight terminal strips are shown. The brown one on the left is for a Willys MB jeep and the white one on the right for a Ford GPW jeep.  This terminal strip is mounted on the left side of the jeep in the engine compartment. 


When installing welting material on your WWII jeep grill, one method is to use two Vice Grips to hold a wood dowel  against the split rivet head.  This will hold the rivet tight against the welting material and grill.  Next step is to spread the rivet tail carefully, first with a screw driver and then with the round part of a punch.   This method will ensure a tight fit of the welting material.


Interstate six volt battery is shown with repro cast lead battery external bus bars.  These bars were custom cast out of lead and glued onto the battery.  The labels on the Interstate battery were heated with a hair dryer and removed to make the battery look like a WWII style Ford or Willard battery.  This conversion saved hundreds of dollars and made the jeep look prototypical. 



The left image shows a 1944 Ford GPW jeep engine with a new oil line installed with modern white letters.
In the right image the letters have been removed using acetone.  Also note the correct oil filter bracket containing a hole for the oil line.  Note the felt grommet used in late WWII jeeps.


Want to make your WWII jeep more prototypical?   Set the two safety strap rings on the dash to a horizontal position (above) for a Ford GPW and a vertical position for a Willys MB.   Just take a large screwdriver, insert into the ring and gently turn the ring one quarter turn. 


The left image above shows a WWII jeep with a post WWII water pump which has two tapped bosses for a heater.  The image on the right shows a WWII water pump with no tapped bosses as the WWII jeep did not have a heater.

The following attended the MVPA-FLC Breakfast on Saturday February 27, 2016 - left to right:   Howard Sabin, Geoff Milligan, Walt Young,  Dick Senges, Nash Ridley, Scott Ridley, Tom Perry, Ed Ramsperger and Bob Brody.  Folks shared MV info and the food was great as usual.

The left image shows worn and cracked rubber tie rod boots. 

The right image shows new rubber tie rod boots and also red plastic zerk covers.  Zerk covers were not prototypical during WWII but now makes locating the grease fittings easier. 

One of our MVPA Finger Lakes Chapter members many years ago stepping out of his dragster after being stopped by the Rochester, NY police.    Can you guess who it is?   Bob Brody. 


John Frater and Bill Sigel, MVPA-FLC members, prepare a T- 84 transmission for mounting to the engine of John's 1945 GPW jeep.

Geoff Milligan, John Frater and Dick Senges take apart Geoff's June 1942 Ford Script jeep.  Significant discoveries were made such as an original F script pintle hook, original GPW springs and spring clips and many F marked bolts.  Note the original data plates on the glove box cover and filterette under the dash.     

The following attended the MVPA - Finger Lakes Chapter breakfast on March 19, 2016, at Papa Jack's in Victor, NY:  left to right - James Salerno, Howard Sabin, John Frater and Dick Senges (not shown).  MV info and pictures regarding M38A1D (Davy Crocket) jeeps, 1947 Willys jeeps, SAS WWII North Africa jeeps and WWII assembly companies were shared.  As usual, the food was great.  Next major FLC event on May 21, 2016 in Penn Yan.       


John Frater, VP of the MVPA - Finger Lakes Chapter, checks out the brakes on his June 1945 Ford GPW jeep.  John is restoring this jeep he purchased in 2015.  Next step is to install the generator and then mount the engine in the frame.


John changes the transfer case oil on his 1945 GPW.   John just repainted the fan black and is getting ready to mount the generator.  The bracket on the right side of the engine must be welded to accommodate the engine.  Then it will be time to hoist the engine and install on the frame.  Note the engine and transmission are Ford gray where as the transfer case and emergency brake are OD matching the frame and tub.      


John Frater and Geoff Milligan, after removing the hood, grill, bumper and right fender, work on removing the left fender on Geoff's 1942 Ford GPW Script jeep.  Next step:  remove the tub and sandblast.


Bill Sigel and John Frater, using a Harbor Freight chain hoist and a large I beam on the ceiling, lower John's engine, transmission, transfer case and emergency brake into his 1945 Ford GPW frame, April 16, 2016.


Dave Hasler's 1952 M43 Dodge ambulance before restoration.


A 1948 Willys truck being restored by Dave Hasler, Leicester, NY.


John Frater cuts a bolt for his 1945 GPW restoration project. 

John Frater, George Paul, Dave Hasler and Bill Sigel work on John's 1945 GPW, April 26, 2016.

A US Army Medical Department supply box made by Dave Hasler, our newest member of the MVPA - FLC, for his historic military M43 ambulance.    Love those custom graphics. 

Doug Ryon, expert welder, welds the right motor mount on John Frater's 1945 GPW.


Progress Report:  Dave Hasler's M43 ambulance, May 19, 2016.

John Frater and Doug Ryon, expert welder, weld some holes on John's 1945 GPW.

John Frater's loaded truck containing his 1945 jeep parts ready for sand blasting and priming, May 20, 2016. 


Scene from the May 21, 2016, Sons of the American Legion Welcome Home vet event in Penn Yan, NY. 


Walt Young, Nash Ridley and Scott Ridley at the Welcome Home event in Penn Yan, NY May 21, 2016.

Bill Sigel and John Frater inspect John's recently sandblasted and primed 1945 original composite tub, May 31, 2016.


Carol Christian with her WWII Willys jeep at the Welcome Home vet event May 21, 2016, in Penn Yan, NY.

Walt Young and the "Donut Dollies", Waterloo,
NY Memorial Day Parade, 2016.

Nash Ridley and Wally Young on front of Scott Ridley's deuce, Geneva, NY Memorial Day Parade, 2016.


Jerry McDonald's M38 jeep and M1100 trailer, Elmira, NY Memorial Day Parade, 2016.

Walt Young and his crew, Memorial Day Parade, Waterloo, NY, 2016.


A 1944 Ford GPW jeep at the Victor, NY Cruise Night, June 6, 2016.  
 Note the M34 mount with the 1919A4 .30 Cal., M31c .50 Cal. mount, red rank plate, yellow bridge plate and the original windshield cover. 

Bill Sigel and Dick Senges work on Dick's 1944 GPW installing
a M34 step mount for a 1919A4.      

Doug Ryon welds a new tool box bottom panel on John Frater's 1945 tub as John assists using a crow bar to hold the metal tightly together, June 8, 2016.           

Doug Ryon, expert welder in Victor, NY, welds a right step hat channel on John Frater's 1945 GPW tub.    Note also some of the smaller holes have been filed with auto body putty.  John Frater stands in the background as Dick Senges captures the image.

Bob Brody's latest M548A1 tracked cargo carrier built on a M113 chassis, unarmored, restoration, June 2016.

John Frater continues to work on his 1945 GPW tub, June 2016



Dick Senges checks the oil level on John Frater's 1945 GPW, June 2016. Note
 the new radiator and radiator hoses recently installed.

John Frater tightens the head bolts on his 1945 GPW, July 2016.   Note the radiator is installed including the water elbow, the temperature gauge is installed as is the Holley re-built carburetor.


John Frater and Bill Sigel fire up John's 1945 GPW engine, August 7, 2016.

Vets at the Viet Nam Vet Fund Raising Event, Farmington, NY, August 13, 2016.    Dick Senges' 1944 GPW attended.

An M38 1950s Military Police jeep at the 2016 summer activities, Arkport, NY.  Does anyone know this owner? 

MVs lined up for duty summer 2016. Penn Yan, NY.  "The Rat Patrol" in the distance. 

Jerry McDonald's M38 at the Tioga, PA Parade, 2016.     


John Frater installs the fuel tank on his 1945 GPW, August 23, 2016.  Note also the wiring harness installation has been started.

John Frater installs a new Firestone 600 x 16 six ply military tire and flap on a 16" combat rim for his 1945 GPW, September 23, 2016.   

Meeting of the MVPA - Finger Lakes Chapter and the MVPA - Renegades of Western New York, September 23, 2016, in LeRoy, NY.    Attending:  Bob Kavich, Fred Weymer, Carol Christian, Bill Sigel and taking the image, Dick Senges.  

MV of Fred Weymer, Alden, NY, September, 2016.      

John Frater and Geoff Milligan test start John's engine on his 1945 GPW jeep, October 8, 2016.    


John and Jim lower the tub onto John's 1945 Ford GPW, October 14, 2016.


John Frater, MVPA - Finger Lakes Chapter VP,  works on the accelerator pedal access hole on his June 1945 GPW October 18, 2016. 


John Frater looks over his 1945 GPW after dry fitting the tub and fenders, October 18, 2016.   



Cad plated F marked unpainted bolts, cad plated lock washers and a cork gasket are installed on Dick Senges' 1944 GPW jeep, October 26, 2016.



A recently purchased M151 MUTT by Scott Ridley, Waterloo, NY, fall of 2016.   



A M29c Weasel operated by "The Rat Patrol" of Waterloo, NY, 2016.

Dave Hasler's restored M23 ambulance, Leicester, NY. 


Geoff and Jim remove the tub from Geoff Milligan's June 1942 Ford Script jeep, November 5, 2016 while John Frater re-installs the right rear tire.   

Bill Sigel and John Frater make adjustments to John's 1944 GPW during the tub installation, November 8, 2016, while Dick Senges captures the image.     


The M58 MICLIC (Mine Clearing Line Charge) of Bob Brody, 2016. 

 Bob will mount it on his M548.    

Nash Ridley, a Rat Patrol and MVPA-FLC member, Waterloo, NY honors the vets, 2016.





      The Rat Patrol with their MVs attend the Veterans Day    Dinner in Geneva, NY November 8, 2016.  

   Note the addition of the M29c Weasel (far left). 




The Rat Patrol and their military vehicles attending

 a Vet event in Waterloo, NY late 2016. 




The Rat Patrol of Waterloo, NY and their military vehicles, attend the Elks Club

 Vet event in Seneca Falls, NY, late 2016.

Check out the new custom manufactured canvas cover for the M24 step mount on Dick Senges' 1944 GPW.   The cover was made by Gene Graff of MVPA - GPA.  Gene also made the covers for the .50 Cal. M31c mount and for the red rank plate on the front of the jeep. 


John Frater and Bill Sigel test run John's 1945 GPW, November 29, 2016. 

 MVPA-FLC breakfast at Papa Jack's Grill, Victor, NY December 3, 2016.

Attending:  John Frater, Dick Senges and Jim Salerno. 


Geoff Milligan grinds the bumper of his 1942 Ford Script jeep, 12-16. 

John Frater and Paul Lazzara discuss the Geneseo Museum's DUKW, 1-14-17.   

The MVPA-FLC met for breakfast at Papa Jack's, Victor, NY, 1-14-17.  Left to right:  John Frater, Howard Sabin, Scott Ridley, Walt Young and Tom Perry.  Dick Senges also attended and captured the image.  Pictures and stories were shared and enjoyed by all.  The food was good as usual.

The MVPA-FLC met for breakfast at Papa Jack's, Victor, NY, 2-11-17.    Left to right:  Matt Kovacic, Howard Sabin, John Frater,Tom Perry, and David Neale, our newest FLC member.  Dick Senges also attended and captured the image.  The food was great as were the photos and stories. 


The 1942 Autocar M3 - Half Track - of David Neale, Caledonia, NY, 2007.    Dave is the newest member of the MVPA - Finger Lakes Chapter.  Welcome Dave.    

Dick Senges displays some of the items he has created and scratch built for his 1944 GPW.   Left to right clockwise: Ground straps for the engine compartment, hood and tub.  Schrader boxes for both tire valve caps and for tire valve cores for the spare parts kit.  Friction tape, wire and cotter pin boxes for the spare parts kit.  Ford GPW style spring clips for the front and rear springs.  Vintage repro cigarette packs with brown inter-wrapper and no cellophane, circa late WWII.  Note the Lucky Strike pack has the typical consumer tax stamp where as the Camel pack has the tax free stamp for the service  personnel.    

Harold Neale drives David Neale's Ford Script jeep serial number 30337.  The rear panel has the original blue drab paint with the registration number USA 2015846.  The jeep was made in Louisville, KY, DOD 6-1-42.   The serial number is stamped on the driver's side engine mount, not on the frame. 


Harold Neale along with Emily Neale, drive a 1942 Ford Script jeep in a Caledonia Memorial Day parade.  The WWII vet is Standley Rychlicki, a WWII B24 crewman with over 25 missions in the Pacific theater.    Check out those metals!  Thanks for your service.   

John Frater makes adjustments to his new M31c1919A4 pedestal mount. 

  John will be mounting the pedestal on his 1945 GPW, March 26, 2017.    

John Frater's 1945 GPW with the driver's seat installed.

 Note the "Big Boy" adjustment which gives more room for taller drivers. 

The radiator on John Frater's 1945 GPW is now painted OD. 

 Next step is to install the fenders, grill and hood, March 26, 2017.     


New Addition to the Rat Patrol collection of MVs, Waterloo, NY, April, 2017. 

John Frater paints the passenger seat of his 1945 GPW, April 7, 2017.   Next project is to install the two fenders, grill and hood. 






Carol Christian

demonstrates the use

of a WWII flame thrower, 2016.

Reproduction WWII 20 round dummy ammo packs created and constructed by Dick Senges, Victor, NY, April 2017.  The packs show four different types of ammo, three different ordnance plants, and model the graphics, construction, size, and weight of the original pack.     

Restorations are moving along on John Frater's 1945 GPW.  New additions:  four tires and wheels, two fenders, two seats, MG mount and the grill.   Next: headlignts,   windshield, hood,  seat custions and a new steering wheel.    

Dick Senges, MVPA Finger Lakes Chapter Newsletter Editor, re-labeled his 1944 GPW 's FRAM oil cleaner with FRAM decals.  It was previously labeled with Purolator decals.  Also note the unpainted oil filter top bolt and copper washer.  And the unpainted oil filler tube cap as was the case on GPW WWII jeeps.

Note the unusual position of the bonding straps on this 1944 GPW and the double star washers.  This was the case for late war MBs (Willys MB from SN 288835 forward - December 1943 to the end of WWII - per Paolo Batisti) and also late war GPWs.  Also note the white bleed through from the correctly placed 15 inch star, the felt washers of late war vintage and the top bolt position of the cross-over tube hose clamps.       

 A good winter project is updating your ammo cans.  These cans were painted OD and then labeled using yellow spray paint - enamel synthetic, stenciling -  lusterless  - yellow  - by TM9 Ordnance Products, LLC.   The top .30 cal. cans and the lower right .50 cal. can were labeled using 1/2" letter custom oil board stencils from Military Stencils - Rick Larsen .  Different graphics were achieved by  cutting the stencil and re-positioning the letters.  Note the "lot number" is the birth date of Dick Senges' 1944 GPW.   

Tracy Ridley's restored M151A2, Waterloo, NY, May 2017.

Month 21 Progress Report: John Frater's 1945 GPW.  The windshield and the hood are installed, May 17, 2017.  Next on the list are the smaller items such as the BO lights and wipers. 

A Willys MB in the Victor, NY, Memorial Day Parade, 2017. 

 Waterloo, NY, Memorial Day Parade, 2017. 

MVs in the Elmira, NY, Memorial Day Parade, 2017.   

     Geneva, Memorial Day, 2017.  


The Rat Patrol's Weasel at Waterloo, NY, Memorial Day Parade, 2017.  


The Rat Partol's M-37 with Donut Dollies, Waterloo, NY, Memorial Day Parade, 2017.  

Another winter project of 2017 ........... painting the S.O.S Fire Guard fire extinguisher for a July 5, 1944 Ford GPW jeep.  Note the label is brass and unpainted but the remainder is painted OD (per Jon Rogers).  The fire extinguisher sits in a two-strap military style bracket which is bolted inside the jeep's tub on the left side.              

July 5, 1944 Ford    GPW jeep with:

.50 Cal. aircraft

.30 Cal.  1919A4


M1 Carbine


Camel WWII cigarettes


Victor, NY ...June 2017  


The HMV fleet of Gerald McDonald getting ready for the 2017 Painted Post events. 

The MVPA Finger Lakes Chapter - South won Best of Show. 

Getting ready for the 2017 Corning Fun Day Run - M38, Deuce & half and staff car.  

Gerry McDonald's 1942 M38 jeep at the Mansfield June 14, 2017 Flag Day Celebrations. 

The PORK - N - ATOR gun ship and John Frater at the 2017 MVPA Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Judges hard at work judging an M38 jeep at the 2017 MVPA Convention. 

Overview of the MVPA Annual Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, June 2017. 

Willys Jeep and trailer being unloaded at the MVPA 2017 Convention, Cleveland, Ohio.  


John Frater and the tank, MVPA Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, 2017. 

Ren Bernier's early Ford jeep on display at the 2017 MVPA Convention.  Note:  gray block, long radiator hose with top clamps, rubber grommets, early 1942 air cleaner, spark plug covers, no breathing PCV or cross-over tube, unpainted oil filter top bolt, fuel strainer, WW2 style battery, finish on the voltage regulator, WW2 water pump, early oil filler tube cap and tool kit on left.    

Self-propelled howitzer at the MVPC Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, June 2017. 

Army Medical Service jeep at the MVPA 2017 Convention.  

When it is too hot or cold to work on your historic military vehicle, make some WW2 cigarettes.  The inter core is 3/4" pink foam.  The brown wrapper is a Wegman's bag.  The white wrapper is a copy of the original from the Internet or from a vendor in the Netherlands.  Tax stamps were either free for the troops or taxed for the public (both are shown).   Before and after the war cellophane was on the outside of the pack as shown on the Lucky Strike Green label.  Image - July 2017.     

Big Flats Parade, June 24, 2017 "Best of the Parade" Award., Big Flats, NY.   

Jasper 4th of July Parade, Jasper, NY, 2017. 

Big Flats Parade, June 24, 2017.   Love those big...........trucks.  

Nash Ridley in a M151 at the Geneseo Air Show, 2017.   

The Motor Pool.......  Brian Halm and Carol Christian, Geneseo, 2017. 


Armored Historic Military Vehicle.........Geneseo Air Show, 2017.




Dave Hasler, John Frater and Carol Christian, Geneseo Air Show, 2017.  

Visitors view a Weasel, a 1944 GPW and a M151 at the Geneseo Air Show, 2017.  

Dave Hasler with his Willys Truck, Geneseo Air Show, 2017. 

 Dave painted the truck and the canvas. 

The P P C L I (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry) dances with the Women's Land Army re-enactors, Geneseo Air Show, Geneseo, NY, 2017.

Paul Lazarra, Geneseo Warplane Musuem, works on the large military searchlight, Geneseo, 2017. 

Taking a break............Geneseo Air Show, July 15, 2017.  

Walt Young with one of the Rat Patrol's historic military vehicles at the Geneseo Air Show, 2017. 

Boarding a Canadian plane at the Geneseo Air Show, July 15, 2017.  

Dave Neale's 1942 Autocar Halftrack and jeep at the Geneseo Air Show, 2017. 

John Frater's 1945 GPW on a test run, July 25, 2017.   Go John ! 


Dave Hasler's 1952 M43 Dodge Ambulance, Leicester, NY, 2017.  

Inside Dave Hasler's 1952 Dodge M43 restored ambulance, Leicester, NY,  July 2017. 

Dave Neale's 1942 Autocar M3 Halftrack. It won Best of Show at the ESATA Truck Show, Stafford Fire Department, August 5th and 6th, 2017. 

MVs at the Italian Fest, Watkins Glen, 2017.  

Thirty nurses load into Gerry McDonald's Deuce for a planned emergency event, summer 2017.     

The Waterloo Rat Patrol's M151 displays the new CONVOY FOLLOWS sign, August 2017.  

Geoff Milligan of Greece, NY is making progress on his VEP (very early production) Ford Script jeep, Greece, NY, August 2017.    

The 1944 GPW restoration continues:   Note the same size shifter knobs, the OD leather shifter boots, the OD fire extinguisher with double strap bracket, the 4th data plate (shipping info), the new clutch pedal and the unpainted wood on the Pioneer Tools.   Victor, NY, August 2017.   

Example of blue drab registration numbers on a 1944 GPW including the square dot USA.  If the GPW was stolen or if it was totally repainted, these numbers were painted in flat white.  Note how hard it is to read the numbers against the OD.  This was done on purpose so the enemy could not track the MV during WW2 by viewing black and white aerial photos.  Note also the 15" flat white hood star and the blue drab "S" for passing the suppression test.   August 2017.       

John Frater instals new wiring on Dave Hasler's ambulance, Leicester, NY, August 2017.

MVs at the Vet honoring event, Canandaigua VA, Canandaigua, NY, August 2017.


Gerry uses his new Car Mate SST trailer to haul his M38 to the Canandaigua VA, August 2017.


MVs line up for the August 2017 Tioga, PA parade.  The MVPA - FLC MVs won first place.  

Victor Cruise Night, August 30, 2017.  Sponsored by Weld Automotive and VB Brewing.